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So because I suck at drawing, I have had a handful of groups that post bases "watched". They'll occasionally post a picture that someone made with their bases, and while I don't care about them, it doesn't really bother me. 

However, one thing that I notice a lot that really gets under my skin is when the group posts someone selling a pony they made and say it's an "adoptable". Sure, there's plenty that are pretty good, but what I notice for the most part is that they're often just a pony created off of someone's base and are quite frankly mediocre at best. So it really bugs me when someone creates an "adoptable" and says "You can't use this unless you give me money, and when you do, no one else can ever touch it because it's yours now." I know so many great artists that ask someone what they want beforehand and then do it for free, with the quality being well above that of the "adoptables," even though their art really deserves some sort of payment. 

Also, what really confuses me is that people actually BUY the "adoptable". Like I said earlier, most of them aren't that good. Granted, they're often priced pretty cheaply, but the point still stands. I wouldn't pay even a nickel for a cup of lemonade that tastes like dirt.

*sigh* I know I sound like I'm being harsh, but I just don't get it. Why do people make "adoptables"? Why would anyone buy them? Is there something I'm missing? 




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Thanks for the llama and the art!
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